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Erectile Dysfunction Drug – Which Drug Will Work For You?

Erectile dysfunction drug is a time period which most of society instantly associates with Viagra. There are additionally 2 different profitable drugs extensively obtainable: Cialis and Levitra. All work similarly, however there are refined variations that are necessary to grasp.


Viagra is the industrial title given for sildenafil citrate, which is created by Pfizer. Viagra was accepted in 1998 by the FDA for the therapy of erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction drug has been used safely and with good outcomes by thousands and thousands of males since its creation.

Viagra basically will increase blood movement into the penis. Why it’s so efficient is so: there’s a chemical within the body which permits blood to movement out of the penis, Viagra basically blocks this. The rise in blood retention and stiffer erections is what this erectile dysfunction drug is often recognized for.

Greater than almost 90% of these utilizing Viagra correctly report an improved potential to maintain erections. For many customers the results of Viagra take over after 30 minutes, and will last as long as four hours. When you think about that the common sexual encounter lasts 30 minutes, that is greater than sufficient to fulfill most sexually energetic individuals.


Cialis is the industrial model title for the erectile dysfunction drug tadalafil and produced by the Lilly Company. Cialis is sort of much like Viagra, however dosages fluctuate considerably. Generally a lot smaller does of Cialis are required – 5mg to 20 mg are commonest Sildalist 120 MG.

Cialis differs from Viagra in that results might last as long as 36 hours. Scientific research have proven this erectile dysfunction drug is efficient for 78% of customers.


Levitra is the industrial title for the erectile dysfunction drug vardenafil. As is the case with different erectile dysfunction medicine, Levitra inhibits blood movement out of the penis. Scientific research have proven Levitra to be roughly 80% efficient. The results of Levitra usually set in inside 1 hour and may last as long as four hours.


If you’re in search of an efficient erectile dysfunction drug at all times search the recommendation of your doctor or physician. It is very important be aware additional drugs you’re taking which can intrude with the drug. Progress in erectile dysfunction drug drugs is at all times bettering, and serving to help males to beat the situation.

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